Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children.  Being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill - especially in the Delaware Bay region.  Children of any age or ability can learn to swim, and, it is more accessible for children with additional needs than almost any other sport.  In addition to swimming and water safety program grants, the Foundation also offers College Scholarships for swimming.  Learn more ...

Learning to swim provides lots of benefits to young people:

  • Builds self-confidence and belief in their abilities
  • Keeps young minds and bodies healthy and fit
  • Opens new opportunities to enjoy other activities such as sailing, kayaking, and surfing


Sailing is a life-long sport.  From casual day-sailing to competitive sailing, it provides an opportunity to enjoy our region's waters at almost any skill level.  With the ability to swim as a prerequisite, almost any child can learn to sail.  Youth sailing promotes sportsmanship, physical fitness, independence, and water safety.  In addition to sailing program grants, the Foundation also offers College Scholarships for sailing.  Learn more ...

Learning to sail offers lots of benefits to young people:

  • Fosters the understanding of weather and ocean sciences in real-world application
  • Develops navigation skills and an improved sense of direction
  • Builds self-confidence and a belief in their abilities


Maritime activities can be as diverse as the young people who participate in them. Whether a chartered fishing trip, a ride on the Cape May Lewes Ferry, sailing on a yacht or going on a dolphin watch tour, these water-activity field trips provide new experiences that broaden the mind.



Educational enrichment about nature and science is a cornerstone of the foundation's mission.  Environmental education programs, eco water tours, and visits to state parks, nature centers, and museums all serve as vehicles of enrichment to educate young people about the world around us in the Delaware Bay region.  In addition to educational program grants, the Foundation also offers College Scholarships in support of higher education.  Learn more ...